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Exterior Louvered Shutters

A classic, elegant and timeless design, exterior louvered shutters are available in either fixed or movable styles.

 Louvered shutters are the most recognizable of all shutter designs. Immensely popular throughout the Southeast and Northeast regions, they have roots going back 100’s of years in historic places like Charleston, SC. You will see them most commonly used in colonial architecture and they also work well for Chateau and Mediterranean styles homes. Historically, louvered shutters were intended to offer protection while still allowing air ventilation into the home. They work very well for privacy and light control.

 We offer them in a wide range of material choices including wood, high strength composite, aluminum and fiberglass. Completely customizable, you can select louvered shutters based on size, function and budget requirements. If you are replacing your existing shutters, we can also design them to be historically and architecturally correct. Available installation options include hinge mount, allowing them to be functional and fixed mount that affixes them directly to the structure. Our decorative hardware will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any design so let your imagination flow with the many creative options that we offer.

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